Toefl Grammar and Structure

The Structure and Written Expression section contains sentences that test your knowledge of important structural and grammatical elements of standard written English. These sentences include a variety of topics and give no particular advantage to individuals in any specific field of study.

These sentences will cover a wide range of topics, including history, biology, culture, and art. But you do not need background knowledge in the subject to answer the questions correctly. The sentences will provide enough context to make their meaning clear, but the actual subject of the sentence is not important. What matters is that you can recognize and correct errors in English grammar and style.

Tips and Trick for Toefl Grammar and Structure


  1. Satu kalimat hanya terdiri dari satu Subyek dan satu Predikat
  • Ciri-ciri kata benda :The, a, an, -ion, -ment, -ty, -ness, dan biasanya juga terletak diantara …of …
  • Contoh : Of all the cereals, rice is the one —– food for more people than any of the other grain crops.
  • It provides b.That providing c. Provides d. That provides (Answer)
  1. Subyek & Verb Agreement
  • Is —-> tunggal
  • Are —>jamak
  • Subjek Tunggal —> V+s/es
  • Subjek Tunggal —> has
  • Subjek Jamak —> have
  1. Parallelism
  • Rumus : kata, kata (and/but/or/so) kata – seragam
  • Example : To generate income, magazine publishers must decide wheather to increasethe subscription price or —-
  • To selladvertising b. If they should sell advertising c. Selling advertising d. Sold advertising
  1. Satu kalimat pasti satu tenses
  2. Kata sambung di depan kalimat, maka ditengah kalimat harus ada tanda baca koma (,)
  • Altought, because, when, since
  • Contoh :
  • —-both men and women have often achieved their career ambitions by midlife, many people are afflicted by at last a temporary period of dissatisfaction and depression.
  • Because (answer) b. So c. A d. Who
  1. Bentuk IF
  • If Present, …will…
  • If Past, …would … (were) –> khusus
  • If had+V3, … would have+V3 …
  • Contoh : If it — more humid in the desert of the Soutwest, the hot temperature would be unbearable.
  • Be b. Is c. Was d. Were (answer) sesuai rumus diatas
  1. Kata sambung berpasangan (Paired Conjunction)
  • Both …and…
  • Not only … but also…
  • Either … or…
  • Neither … nor…
  • The same … as…
  • As … as…
  • Contoh : North Carolina is well known not only for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park — for the Cherokee Indian settlements
  • Also b. And c. But also (answer) sesuai rumus d. Because of
  1. Kalimat Comparatives dan Superlative
  • More/-er …than –>g boleh pakai the, kecuali kata : the sooner …, the better…
  • Most/the -est …in/of …
  1. Kata benda yang bisa dihitung dan tidak bisa dihitung (Countable Noun dan Uncountable Noun)
  • Kata benda bisa dihitung : Many, few
  • Kata benda tidak bisa dihitung : Much, little
  • Ada kata benda khusus yang merupakan kata benda yang tidak bisa dihitung : money, data, information, time, homework, equipment
  • Kata benda ada kata “s” dibelakangnya berarti pasti bisa dihitung, kecuali news (tidak bisa dihitung)
  • Contoh : For the investor who —money , silver, or bonds are good options.
  • Has so little b. Has very little (answer) c. Has so few d. Has very few
  1. Kata kerja berpasangan
  • Fail to
  • Responsible for
  • Afraid of
  • Effect…on…
  • Forbidden to…
  • Interested in…
  • Contoh : The differential attractions of the sun and the moon have a direct effect on the rising and the falling of the tides
  1. Kata sambung
  • Who –> Predikat (V, tobe bukan orang)
  • Whom –> Subject (orang)
  • That –> Kata kerja
  • Contoh : John Philip Sousa, whommany people consider the greatest composer of marches, wrote his music during the era known as the Gay 90s
  1. Bentuk Causative
  • Prinsip menyuruh orang untuk melakukan sesuatu
  • Orang (had/made/let/help) orang + V1
  • Contoh : I help you do your homework
  1. Negative expressions
  • (Not/only/never/rarely) + Kalimat + (aux+s+v1)
  1. Kata depan (Preposition)
  • Tunggal It,its
  • Jamak they, them
  • Contoh : Aeronomy is the study of the earth’s upper atmosphere, whch includes it’s composition, temperature, density, and chemical reactions.
  1. Kata ganti (Pronoun)
  • (by/in/of/for) + Kata benda / V+ing
  • Contoh : Althought it can be derived from oil, coal, and tar, kerosene is usually produced by refiningit from petroleum



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